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Insect Designs has been on the Internet since 2003. We are currently the largest supplier of quality insect specimens in Australia, and we ship worldwide. This blog features the latest news from our store as well as the occasional interesting news we have uncovered about the wonderful world of bugs.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

African Singles Page Updated

The African Singles page at Insect Designs has just been updated again with some nice specimens from Cameroon, including some lovely silk moths. We also still have some nice Charaxes and other butterflies available from Cameroon, Tanzania and Uganda. Remember that the photographs on the African Singles page are of the actual specimens you are purchasing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fresh Butterflies from the Philippines

Insect Designs has just received a fresh shipment of specimens from the Philippines. You will find these restocks scattered around the web site. Of note are the Cheritra orpheus and Curetis neosphila that have been out of stock for some time. You will find them in the Lycaenidae section of the web site.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lovely Silk Moths from Cameroon

We finally received a parcel from Cameroon containing a range of butterfly and moth specimens, including some stunning male and female silk moths. You can find these on the just updated African Singles page of the web site. The photos on the African Singles page are of the actual specimens you will be purchasing. This page is popular with our regular customers, so you'll need to be quick to grab the best specimens.

Fresh Specimens from Thailand

The Other Bugs section at Insect Designs has just been updated with some nice new cicadas from Thailand. We also have fresh stock of scorpions and spiders as well as some restocks in the beetles section of the web site.

New Australian Specimens

The Australian specimens page at Insect Designs has just been updated, including a number of restocks and two new items. The new items include two really hard to obtain moths, Opodiphthera  helena males and Cephanodes kingii pairs. We also have some really fresh Papilio ulysses josea pairs back in stock.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birdwing Butterflies 20% Off Remaining Stock

Yes, all remaining stock of birdwing butterflies at Insect Designs is now 20% off! Due to a change in the way the Australian Government issues permits for importing and re-exporting birdwing butterflies, all remaining stock needs to be sold before our current permits expire on 15 October. Be quick as only a small number of specimens are left.

Fresh Butterflies from Peru

Insect Designs has just been updated with some fresh butterflies from Peru, including Agrias b. stuarti (one only), various Parides and Papilionidae species, Hamadryas species and fresh Riodinidae and Lycaenidae. We also have the hard to get Heliconius metharme (3 only), and we also have Heliconius antiochus and Hamadryas chloe. Please visit soon for a browse.

Stunning Lycaenidae from Peru

Insect Designs has just received some truly stunning Lycaenidae specimens from Peru. You will find them in the singles listing at the bottom of the Lycaenidae page. These specimens are large and very brightly colored. We only have a very limited stock of these available.