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Insect Designs has been on the Internet since 2003. We are currently the largest supplier of quality insect specimens in Australia, and we ship worldwide. This blog features the latest news from our store as well as the occasional interesting news we have uncovered about the wonderful world of bugs.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fresh Specimens from Madagascar

Insect Designs has just received some fresh butterflies, moths and beetles from Madagascar, including, amongst others, Colotis zoe, Argema mittrei, Urania ripheus, Graphium endochus, Celidota splendens and a few rare Charaxes. Please visit the store soon for a browse.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Specimens from Peru, Bolivia and Indonesia

Insect Designs has been updated yet again with lots of restocks and new items from Peru, Bolivia and Indonesia. Some of these are pictured below. Of special note are the Macrodontia cerivornis and Dynastes hercules (one is almost black) from Peru and Prepona buckleyana from Bolivia (1 only). Please visit the store soon for a browse.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nice Butterflies from Solomons, Philippines and Tanzania

Insect Designs has just been updated with some nice specimens from the Solomons, the Philippines and Tanzania. Stock of some of the rarer items is extremely limited. In this update you will find:
  • Papilio fuscus pairs and Graphium hicetaon females from the Solomon Islands
  • Pachliopta kotzebuea tindongana, Charaxes solon orchomenus pairs, Charaxes plateni pairs and Charaxes bufalos bufalos females from the Philippines
  • Interesting froms of Papilio bromius and Papilio phorcas from the remote Minziro forest region in Tanzania.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Charaxes Etesipe Gynandromorph

A gynandromorph refers to a specimen that is half male and half female. These are very rare and often fetch high prices. One of our customers, a mad keen Charaxes collector with a super impressive collection, sent me this photo of a Charaxes etesipe gynandromorph he has recently acquired. Although it is a little battered, it is a very nice specimen indeed.