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Friday, November 13, 2009

Some Good Butterfly Books

Hello Everyone

I am often asked by beginners what books to get. There are lots of books around, and the best are very expensive and only for those seriously into the subject.

For those just starting, there's a good book by Bernard D'Abrera that's cheap and packed with photos, several thousand in fact, and it's a good one to give you an overall idea of species that are to be found. You should be able to get it at Amazon.

Eventually I would love to get the entire series by Bernard D'Abrera that the above book draws from, but this will cost me several thousand dollars.

In the mean time I am collecting the wonderful Butterflies of the World series by Bauer and Frankenbach. Several volumes are published every year. They are large format and feature wonderful full sized color photographs. The cheapest way of getting them is by subscribing to the series. The only catch if you do this is that you have to purchase all of them. You can also purchase them one by one. I get mine direct from the publishers. Visit Insecta for more details.

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