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Friday, December 4, 2009

New Butterflies from Thailand, India and the Philippines

Hello Everyone

This week has certainly been busy at Insect Designs with several parcels arriving. In this latest update you will find lots of restocks as well as quite a few new items. Some of the new items include Chilasa osmana, Papilio antonio, Euthalia evelina pairs, Lexias khasiana, Kallima inachus, Euthalia franciae, Papilio memnon females of various varieties, Polyura eudamippus, Graphium sikhimica, Sumalia daraxa, Moduza procris, Meandrusa payeni evan, Lexias cynipardus pairs and Pachliopta hector pairs.

In other news we are expecting parcels from the Philippines, Cameroon and Indonesia to arrive early next week.

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